Sunday, April 24, 2011

Katrina Kaif New Looks 2012 for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

For Yash Raj Films' Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Katrina Kaif went crazy with her 1960s look. Last week, she was dressed as 1960s hippy for a song in Agra.

She has just let herself go with the clothes, hairstyle, accessories, shoes and attitude.

She said that, "It's quite funny, really. Because I don't look like I usually do. So yeah people are quite confused about my identity."

"In my entire career I've never done a retro number or even a retro scene. In fact I've never done a film that's set in the past. Considering I love nostalgia, I am having the time of my life dressing up and feeling like a rock and roll queen from the 1960s."

"It's a hippy style rock track set in a college campus. Very Grease like."

"I just love being mistaken for someone else." "We're shooting all over Agra, the Red Fort and a highway near the Taj Mahal. So far a lot of people are wondering who the girl is."

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