Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bipasha Basu Boyfriends 2012 - Hollywood Actor Josh Harnett

Before Few Days, Abhay Deol and Bipasha Basu with her new boyfriend and her Hollywood Movie Co-star Roland Joffe were together for shooting of Singularity Movie in Orccha – Madhya Pradesh State.

As per Latest Bipasha Basu Interviews, she said that,"Rana Daggubatti, Josh, last I am shooting with tall co-stars. Josh is really tall...6 feet 3 ½ inches. I end up looking very small in front of him."

"I feel I am less Indian than they are. I had never been to Orccha. If it wasn't for this film, I'd have missed one of the most beautiful spots in our country." "But the foreign unit just blended in. They loved the place, the food ...everything. I soon fell in line."

"There was no time. I learnt to use the sword on the job. And now I feel I've been doing it for all my life." "80 percent of Singularity will be shot in Orchha. And the remaining in London in current times. The film is located in two time zones - 18th century India and present day England. I don't figure in the contemporary portion."

"I've done whatever I could for Dum Maaro Dum. I'm here in Orchha. Then after returning to Mumbai, I immediately fly to Russia for Abbas-Mustan's Players."

"Abhishek is in DMD and Players. And the last unit that shot in Orccha before us was Abhishek's Raavan. Do you know, Singularity is the first period film that I am shooting? But Abhishek and I were supposed to start our careers together with a period film (J.P Dutta's Aakhri Mughal)."

"I don't know who played a prank...or can it really be called a prank since twisted messages were sent from my missing phone to my friends and to the media. The instrument re-surfaced just as mysteriously as it had vanished. Though I am calling it a prank I am not amused."

"I am not much of a phone person. And this incident has made me even less enamoured of my phone. I'd rather do without something that poses a potential threat to my peace of mind."

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