Thursday, April 28, 2011

Deepika Padukone New Looks 2012

(1) Deepika Padukone fell short of the expected high standards of the Southern maestro Rajnikanth.

She is all set to feature in a film opposite Rajnikant- the much celebrated star is held in Godly esteem by the regional’s which titled as “Rana” is being jointly produced by Eros international and the actor’s daughter Saundarya.

Accordingly the Director Ravi Kumar had been instructed to endow the enchantress with traditional look.

She is to look authentically traditional as well as simple. In past, she was seen donning a strikingly traditional appearance in some of her jewelry endorsements, will indeed are a treat to watch out for.

The bonanza which will be produced in three languages boasts of the Oscar winning music composer A.R. Rahman.

(2) Recently, Aarakshan Director Prakash Jha made her realize the full import of the phrase 'working for daal roti,' at movie shooting time.

The scene required her plays Saif Ali Khan's love interest in it, to roll out rotis and she is a novice when it comes to matters culinary, was at odds, holding the rolling pin away from her body as if it was a detonator.

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