Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shilpa Shetty will soon be turning producer for International Movie

Shilpa Shetty will soon be turning producer, never mind that her mother Sunanda Shetty already beaten her to it.

She has turned producer with her international film The Desire. But it wasn’t without a fight.

She said that, “There were some issues with the co-producers and they weren’t co-operating at all. The project was going nowhere. It was then that my mom saw the potential in the project and took it up. She did it for me. Now it’s nobody else’s, but my mom’s baby alone.”

“No, it was the other way around. It was her gift to me.”

“I do have a bald look and it was experimental and challenging for me, but I won’t call it a film.”

“I’m concentrating on my marriage and business. But somewhere I realized that I can’t break my connect with Hindi films, so I’m turning producer.”

“Well, it’s too early to talk about that.”

The film will have her return to the big screen in a full-fledged role after a couple of years.

Rajasthan Royals IPL Team owner will be without their mentor-captain Shane Warne next season, but she insists that their ‘fighting spirit’ will not be dented.

“We’d love to have Shane on board in whatever capacity. He’s become synonymous with the Rajasthan Royals and I know that he loves us.”

“He’s a busy man, and I’m not sure how things will work out.”

“Yeah, I was laid low with a bad neck.”

“Nonsense! There’s no baby on the way, and Liz is a really good friend. Next season, I will make my presence felt, as and when I can. I’ve come to really enjoy the game.”

“We have a few aces up our sleeve. One thing in our favor is the youthful spirit and that will continue!”

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