Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kareena Kapoor does not like to do stunt scenes

Shahrukh Khan Home Production Ra.One Movie Actress Kareena Kapoor does not like to perform stunts in movie.

“Working with Shahrukh was, as always, a super experience. He is a true charmer and knows how to flatter his leading ladies. I told SRK, if you are going to keep the songs for me and stunts for you, I'm on!”

"That's right; there are no changes that have been brought to her characterization in Bodyguard."

"When she was roped in the film, everyone was quite clear about the fact that she would be playing exactly the same character as has been originally written. When you would see the film, you would realize by yourself that her role is something that just cannot be tampered at all."

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